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About the Photographer


George Efstathiou is a professional photographer living in the San Francisco, Bay Area. He received his inspiration for photography at an early age from his father who was an avid photographer that took  the most beautiful pictures, mostly of landscapes, and then he would spend hours developing them in his darkroom. George always admired what his father could do with a camera, however George didn't have the patience for the darkroom.


When digital cameras first appeared on the market, George jumped at the chance to take a picture, see what it looked like on the camera and then download it to a computer for instant gratification. This was amazing to him! From that day forward he has not looked back and there is nothing he enjoys more than a doing a photo session.


Instead of landscapes like his father, he chose to photograph God's greatest creation...Woman. "I find it fascinating to be able to bring out a woman's true beauty from with-in through the use of lighting and a good lens." George photographs women of all shapes, sizes, be they classic beauties or rather plain; he loves to show them just how beautiful they really are by having their personality come through in the photograph.


George is also a member of One Model Place which is a web site for models and photographers to network with each other and do photo shoots. You can view additional work of his on One Model Place by clicking the following link:




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